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          Introduction To Drilling Machine

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            Ancient drilling machine-"bow reel". Drilling technology has a long history. Archaeologists have now discovered that in 4000 BC, humans invented a device for punching holes. The ancients erected a beam on the two columns, and then hung a rotatable awl from the beam, and then used a bowstring to wind the awl to rotate, so that holes could be drilled in the wood and stones. Soon, people also designed a hole-punching tool called "roller wheel", which also uses a flexible bowstring to make the awl rotate.

            The first drilling machine (Whitworth, 1862). Around 1850, the German Mattignoni had made twist drills for metal drilling. At the International Exposition held in London, England in 1862, the British Whitworth exhibited a drilling machine driven by a power-driven cast iron cabinet, which became the prototype of modern drilling machines.

            Later, various drilling machines appeared one after another, such as radial drilling machines, drilling machines with automatic feed mechanism, and multi-spindle drilling machines capable of drilling multiple holes at once. Thanks to improvements in tool materials and drill bits, coupled with the use of electric motors, a large, high-performance drilling machine was finally manufactured.

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